TF Gear Front Runner Spool Риболовна макара

TF Gear Front Runner Spool Риболовна макара

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Experience your longest, smoothest casts with this top of the range extreme distance Free Spool reel.

Packed with the latest technologies and innovations the TFG Front Runner is a hard edged, powerful fishing machine, the type of equipment you need if you really are serious about fishing. A unique easy to use fighting drag allows you to preset your required fish playing tension, just flick the switch and you are ready for action.

The impressive high retrieve ratio allows you to take control of the hardest fighting fish and its reinforced gears will stop any fish in its tracks. Yet don’t be mistaken into thinking this is just an outright hauling tool, this reel has class and precision. The Front Runner has a clutch system so reliable, so smooth and so accurate you would stake your next personal best on it.

Easy to use fighting drag

Superior quality line lay

Massive distance casting

Reliable non stick drag

Line safe clip

Heavy duty cranking gears

Lightweight and balanced

Size 8000 - gear ratio: 4.8:1
Size 12 000 - gear ratio: 4.3:1

BBS : 10+1
Продукт известен още и като FrontRunnerSpool

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